Breathe Life Into Your Next Project with Green Walls

Vertical Plantings

Healthy green walls are visually stunning and can serve as a symbol of a building’s commitment to sustainable, healthier environments. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, living walls add genuine utility to a space by providing air purification, thermal and noise insulation and by helping create an environment in which people enjoy living and working.

Seasonal color may be added for design variety.

People surrounded by green wall plants experience improved mental and physical health, feel more content and relaxed,
and are more creative.
Improved indoor air quality and exposure to plants in the work environment also benefits employers as staff take fewer sick days.

Plantscape designs, installs and maintains many different wall systems that range from simple to complex, but any of them can be large or small.

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Even incorporate a logo or a saying for a unique look.  

9 Gardening Trends for 2017

From color-changing conifers to smaller-sized luxury looks, gardens wow with diverse palettes, global influences and extreme naturalism this year.

The top nine trends for 2017 are:

  1. Smaller-sized luxury
  2. Floratourism
  3. Backyard gardening influenced by “no waste” food movement
  4. Color chameleons
  5. Extreme naturalism
  6. Climate adaptation
  7. Bright, bold colors
  8. One-pot wonders
  9. Tough and tender mixes

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Interior Plant of the Month: Aglaonema Spring Snow

Here’s a beauty of an Aglaonema! To the untrained eye it resembles a diffenbachia. We care for it as we do others in the Agalonema family.

LIGHT - Diffused, or medium light. Typically, the lighter the color of a plant, the higher the light levels it needs to maintain its color and variegation. So this variety will perform better in more light than an Emerald Beauty, which is mostly dark green.

WATER - Allow to dry half way down the pot, between thorough waterings.

PRUNING – In order to keep your plant full and bushy, remove some of the new leaves as they appear. Do this by firmly grasping the stem the new leaf grows from and hold the new leaf near its base and gently pull. It should come out entirely and this is preferred. Do not use scissors. Leaves, stems etc. should be removed completely with no “stump” left behind. Wounds on a plant allow for entry of disease and can attract insects.

FEEDING - Use half strength liquid fertilizer once per month during the growing season, April through October.

EXTRAS - Don’t forget to dust the leaves off regularly. This plant is one of the great air cleaners. Also, as with all interior tropical plants, rotate them to promote even growth.

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Exterior Plant of the Month: Weigela "Wine and Roses"


Pronounced: w’ JEE la

Hardy. 4-5’ high, 4-5’ spread

Burgundy/purple leaves shimmer in the sunlight like a fine wine. Hot rose-pink flowers create a spectacular contrast against the dark glossy foliage. The leaf color intensifies as autumn approaches.

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Client Profile United Hospital Center

Located 104 miles from Plantscape, United Hospital Center in Bridgeport, WV, is one of Plantscape’s largest and longest-term clients. With more than 680,000 square feet and 292 private inpatient rooms, UHC is designed around the environment with the patient, family, staff and community in mind.

Starting in 2001, United Hospital Center trusted Plantscape to decorate their facility for the holidays. The distance did not deter either party from embarking on this professional relationship. Plantscape still enjoys this business today.

“The scope of work needed for this project meant we had to find someone with very specialized capabilities to do professional work, both inside and outside the building. Thankfully we found that with Plantscape,” remarked Geoff Marshall, Vice President of Support Services at United Hospital Center.

After several years of enjoying Plantscape’s holiday decorations, in 2009 United Hospital Center invested further in the partnership by signing onto a project featuring countless artificial plants to enhance seating areas on the first and second floors of their eight-story building. Again, visitors to the facility still enjoy these plants today.


“Since artificial plants are another division of Plantscape’s business, it was easy to utilize an existing vendor for yet another visually significant project,” Marshall said. “We wanted to provide some privacy for our patients and their families, while also making them feel more at ease (like being at home). The addition of these plants fulfilled that need.”

The exciting new centerpiece of their holiday decor came in 2010 with the purchase and installation of a stunning 40' outdoor Christmas tree boasting more than 4300 LED lights.

Measuring 20' in diameter and weighing approximately 2500 pounds, the tree has 432 individual branches made from 100 percent recyclable PVC film. The tree’s frame is also 100 percent recyclable.

The LED tree lights use 90 percent less electricity versus standard incandescent lamps. Since that time, Plantscape’s crew travels to Bridgeport each holiday season to install and take down the outdoor tree, at times in inclement weather.

Last year, with the support of the Auxiliary to United Hospital Center, another Christmas tree was added to celebrate the season. A fully decorated 15' tree was installed on the garden level in the open stairwell area, so it could be enjoyed by those on both the main level, as well as the lower level.

“We were so happy to add another Christmas tree to our holiday decor,” said Denise Steffich, auxiliary coordinator to UHC.

“Plantscape had the resources to make it an easy addition. It was beautiful! We hope to add either another tree or possibly a larger tree in the near future.”

Project Profile: Awesome 25' Bamboo

Real bamboo poles with artificial foliage has become one of our most sought after products. This bamboo, manufactured here in our Liberty Avenue location, has been installed in an office building in Tampa, Florida. It replaced live bamboo that was not surviving in the lobby of this building. The bamboo poles are 25 feet tall and were ordered from a bamboo farm in Mississippi.

The poles were arranged in custom made cement bases, 20 poles per group. Each group was foliated with approximately 300 artificial bamboo foliage picks. Our design team worked practically non-stop for two weeks on this project to be able to get the bamboo out the door in a timely fashion. The finished project in its lobby location is on the right.

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Our Christmas Showroom is Now Open...Get Ready!

Our beautiful showroom located at Liberty Avenue & 31st Street and is now open for the 2017 Holiday Season. It’s brimming with exciting Christmas trees, themes, scenes, props, ornaments, Santas, bears, snowmen, elves, carolers, penguins and much more.

Plan early for the best selection and choices. You’ll leave stimulated with fresh thoughts, approaches and ideas for your Holiday displays. Call 412-281-6352 or email for an appointment. From design, installation, takedown and storage, Plantscape can do it all for you! Click here to see our showroom digitally!

We offer 5 different holiday themes for your decorating. Be sure to see our newest for 2017, “Winter Wonder” a glitzy combo of golds, silvers and other metallics which you can augment with red and green accents if you wish.

Project Profile: Unique 42" Diameter Tree

Furniture Land South, located in Jamestown North Carolina, contacted us to build a Museum Series tree for the children’s furniture section of their store. Furniture Land South is advertised as the World’s Largest Furniture Store.

Keeping with the theme of the largest, this ties in with the fact that this Museum Series Tree is the largest diameter tree our design team has produced to date. This tree is a whopping 42" in diameter.

The intent with the design of the tree was to make it as a crawl through tree for children. When you look up into the tree there will be a platform built into the ceiling to look like a tree house is resting on the top of the tree.

One other fun detail was a carving into the tree bark which was a heart with an arrow through the heart and the initials FLS (Furniture Land South) carved into the tree. We got a “We LOVE it!” back from the client. We shipped the tree on a Wednesday and this picture was sent the next day showing the tree in its new space.

Did You Know?...Plantscape Facility was Featured in “Fences” Movie

Denzel Washington loved our old warehouse mill buildings that house our exterior landscape department so much that he filmed several pivotal scenes here.

Transformed into a studio set by a huge team of designers, paint was added, doors changed and many other touches were added to make it feel like the 1950’s! Old cars and trucks were brought in, signage changed and about fifty extras milled about as Denzel Washington, Viola Davis and Stephen Henderson performed their scenes.

It was quite an experience and a fun week for Plantscapers to watch a movie come to life. Congratulations to everyone involved and all the awards the movie received.