NEW! Salvaged Wood Planters

Made from pine that is salvaged from used pallets and shipping crates. The wood is carefully cleaned, planed and sanded.
Each planter holds one or more liners made from recycled plastic. The liners keep the planters water tight.
The planters are coated in a light, water-based finish. The stunning look of the planters is of a natural weathered pine.
These strong and highly functional planters are for INDOOR USE ONLY.



42-SAL-090909 9.5" cube for 6" grow pot
42-SAL-131313 13.2" cube for 10" grow pot
42-SAL-171717 17.1" cube for 14" grow pot
42-SAL-202020 20.1" cube for 17" grow pot
42-SAL-242424 23.6" cube for 21" grow pot

Tall Squares

42-SAL-133337 13.2" x 13.2" x 37" high, for10" grow pot
42-SAL-171745 17.1" x 17.1" x 45.3" high, for 14" grow pot

Floor Rectangles

33.1" long x 17.1" wide x 17.1" high, for (2) 14" grow pots
36.8" long x 13.2" wide x 17.7" high, for (3) 10" grow pots

Tall Rectangle

36.8" long x 13.2" wide x 39.4" high, for (3) 10" grow pots

File Top Rectangles

42-SAL- 241313 24" long x 13.2" wide x 13" high, for (3) 10" grow pots
42-SAL-321313 31.9" long x 13.2" wide x 13" high, for (4) 10" grow pots


Hard Liners are used in each product to contain the plants and keep water inside the liner. The two largest cubes are made using galvanized steel liners. To insure water integrity a flexible liner is included in these two large cubes.