We’re masters at making businesses look as bright and festive as the Season itself. Below is a list of the expert services we provide our clients, and for which Plantscape has won 28 national Christmas Decorating awards.

Holiday Decorating Indoors and Out

Design, construction, installation, takedown and storage. Beautiful artificial trees, wreaths and garland, along with unique specialty props and charming custom-made scenes.

Street Tree Lighting

We’re experts at the art of tree lighting, both deciduous and evergreen. Tree lights can be used for a magical effect year-round, not just during the Christmas season.

Building Perimeter Outline Lighting

We decorate building and property exteriors, from outline roof lighting, to banners and lighted decor for parking lot poles and street-lamps.

Poinsettias and Gift Plants

Traditional live poinsettias add warmth and color to office decor, or can be sent as gift plants. Ours are the very best florist quality in a wide range of sizes and colors. Plus amaryllis, Norfolk Island Pine, Christmas Cactus, bromeliads, orchids and much much more!