Plantscape offers a helpful design service that allows our clients to see what finished plant projects will look like in advance!

A photograph of your space is taken or provided, and then, using computer technology, your plants and containers are superimposed onto the photo. This is a very successful tool in providing our clients the opportunity to fine-tune and adjust design choices before the work is done or the order is placed. Let us do one for you!

Here are some examples of how computer technology can allow you to see a plant design for your space:
Click the thumbnails below to see a gallery of “befores” and computer-generated “afters”.

Loft Office Empty Planter Office Christmas Student Lounge Large Planting Bed Courtyard Christmas
New Large Planter Office Lobby Mall Makeover Built-In Planter Lobby Makeover New Construction
Lobby Update Hotel Balcony Retail Store Christmas Changeover Blank Wall Planter Remake