Beautiful landscaping retains tenants, cuts down on vacancies, enhances your building’s image, improves employee morale and boosts property value.

Plantscape provides one-stop commercial landscape service to our customers. We focus on understanding the needs of our customers and how their landscapes fit in with their business objectives. We target our full range of maintenance services to meet those specific needs. We execute day in and day out to make it happen. Our goal is to help customers maximize the value of their properties. Client satisfaction is our number one priority.

Protect your investment with commercial landscape management and groundskeeping services from Plantscape. See what we can do for your property.

We provide total landscape management services to major commercial properties in the Pittsburgh area.

Customer service is top-most to our hands-on managers, along with professionalism and attention to detail. As a result, Plantscape’s exterior landscape division has grown to become Pittsburgh’s premier landscape services provider.

Contact Chuck Croskey at 412-281-6352 Ext 208 to set up a landscape management program for your property.