Here are some photos of projects that show the diversity of Plantscape’s exterior landscaping divison.

(1/30)  Beautiful flowering beds at Station Square.




(5/30)  Installing a unique living wall at UPMC Shadyside.

(6/30)  Plantscape exterior department built & installed a series of planter boxes for PNC Park which we plant and maintain.

(7/30)  Plantscape exterior workers on a scaffold suspended from the roof to service large living wall.

(8/30)  Readying a fountain on a North Shore plaza.

(9/30)  Plantscape exterior department along with our Design Center built and installed a series of wooden planter boxes for an outdoor restaurant at Liberty Center. See next photo >

(10/30)  Outdoors at Liberty Center downtown.

(11/30)  Led by Exterior Manager Jim Consoli, we built from the ground up a complete model train set for Christmas at the Veterans Hospital in Oakland. See next >

(12/30)  Elaborate model train exhibit at the V.A. Hospital.

(13/30)  Every year Plantscape's exterior department sets up the 60 foot tree in PPG Plaza.

(14/30)  A giant crane and bucket lifted tons of soil for a landscaping overhaul at Stanwix Street downtown.

(15/30)  Receiving a load of trees for planting.

(16/30)  Our crews are expert at tree planting, and care once they're in.

(17/30  Plantscape excavated and planted the gardens surrounding the "Lozziworm" play area at Carnegie Museum in Oakland.

(18/30)  Our crew raises concrete containers at Nemacolin.

(18/30)  Large tree removal.

(19/30)  Grading the hillside at St. Clair hospital.


(20/30)  Clearing heavy debris along the Allegheny for a client on Pittsburgh's North Shore.

(21/30)  Tons of soil to be lifted with this crane atop a green roof vegetable garden in historic Braddock. See next >

(22/30)  Laying waterproof matting on the roof prior to loading the soil.

(23/30)  Rolling down a walking trail.

(24/30)  Tree & shrub planting.

(25/30)  Carefully cut irrigation trenches. Plantscape employs full-time irrigation specialists.

(26/30)  Talented Plantscapers install hardscapes such as this stone planter wall. We design, build, plant and maintain as well. See next >

(27/30)  Stepped wall holds colorful impatiens.

(28/30)  A rooftop garden with massive containers gets hosed down after the installation.

(29/30)Plantscape specializes in beautifully designed, well-maintained landscapes which improve property values in many ways.




(30/30)  Finally, Plantscape's clients have come to rely on our reliable snow removal services.