Over the past years, Plantscape has built its reputation on quality and professional service delivered at the very best price. Today, we service over 850 business customers in the Pittsburgh market, and we are ranked among the largest interior plant companies in the United States. Our team of over 50 horticulturists, technicians, installers, managers and support staff is perhaps the best trained in the business.

We have built a reputation for innovative design—and along the way we have won more that 50 national awards including the National Landscape Award presented at the White House.

Green Walls or "Living Walls" are an exciting trend in building design.

Many beneficial plants that improve indoor air quality and increase well-being take up little or no floor space.

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Research has shown that plants in the workplace are essential for creating a healthy and productive environment. Plants clean the air, remove toxins, boost productivity, reduce stress and noise and decrease absenteeism. At the same time they enhance the image of your building to tenants and customers.

The benefits that plants provide in the workplace are truly amazing. Read what they can do.

Here is a fascinating and detailed report on the value of plants in the workplace.



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