Here's an innovative new way to add the beauty of nature to low light areas with a preserved moss creation. They're made with 100% natural moss that requires no light, watering or trimming. We supply a large range of products to fulfill any creative idea.

Moss walls have significant sound absorption so they are perect for office environments, conference rooms, and employee break rooms.

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This was created by Plantscape's designers for a resort/hotel. Mounted on a framed metal panel it includes not only preserved moss but incredibly realistic artificial succulents and sections of luxurious grapewood. This is an 8' x 8' wall consisting of pre-made framed panels which are 1', 2', or 4' in dimension. They're extremely easy to mount and look like artwork. The panels include 3 colors of moss along with bark and stone panels. The frames come in black, white or charcoal.
Different colors of moss were applied to a plywood backing for a long narrow accent strip on this wall. Screws are easy to hide with moss. Moss panels being manufactured at Plantscape's Pittsburgh Facility.
Live plants in wall trays were combined with moss panels and moss covered trays for this unique green wall display at a new restaurant in Pittsburgh's Strip District.
The "reindeer" moss that we use comes in a large variety of colors.
Examples of the framed mosswall panels:  

Wall mounted or moveable panel units on casters, the sound absorption properties of these walls add a great benefit to your space.


Artificial rocks, stone, and succulents are used for texture and interest.


The framed moss panels come in these natural and renewable options:
Lime Green
Reindeer Moss
Medium Green
Reindeer Moss
Forest Green
Reindeer Moss
Lightweight Stone
Prairie Brown
Lightweight Stone
Mountain Gray
Poplar Bark

Pole Moss
Vivid Green
Long Moss
Deep Green
Upcycled Coconut
Tree Bark
Upcycled Mangium
Tree Branches
Below are some artist rendering samples of what our designers can custom create for you:

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