Blooming Color Rotations
Low, medium or high light

Color rotations provide seasonal changes and splashes of color in your plantings. Your blooming should be changed out at least four times a year. Some of our most popular...

The wax begonia (left) is a succulent that produces flowers from white to pink, red, orange, peach, yellow or any combination of these.

The unique cyclamen (center) comes in white, pink, hot pink, red, salmon or violet. Its flowers resemble shooting stars and its leaves are beautifully marbled.

The mum (right) is one of the best flowering plants for removing formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia from the atmosphere.


Bouvardia Each stem looks like a small bouquet with a faint delicate scent. It comes in shades of pink and red, as well as white.

The kalanchoe, a relative of the jade plant, comes in many different colors including brights and pastels. It is a succulent that provides colorful long-lasting flowers above dark waxy leaves.

The calandiva is a member of the kalanchoe family, and produces large full flower heads and multiple layers of petals. The striking rose-shaped flowers give it its unique look when in bloom, but it’s also very attractive even when in bud. Colors: orange, pink, purple, white, red, pink-purple, dark pink, soft pink and white with pink.