Bromeliad Varieties

Low, medium or high light plant.

Left: Vriesea (Vriesea splendens 'Splenreit') known for their brightly colored spear-like flowers and distinctly marked leaves with bold variegations.

Center: Neoregelia The center portion of the striped leaves turns brilliant red, yellow, rose or purple, giving the appearance of a flower.

Right: The Silver Vase Bromeliad (Aechmea fasciata) whose silvery-green foliage appears to form a vase to hold its soft pink flower. The fuzz or powdery coating on the spiny-edged leaves protects them from too much sun (do not wipe off).

Bromeliads have become so popular in creating interesting plantings that they are practically a must.

Bromeliad Gardens (bottom) are delightful groupings of 3 different colors or varieties of bromeliads that come already planted in one container. We put the grow pot into a decorative low bowl or urn.

These make wonderful accents for credenzas, reception counters, bookcases or file cabinets. Larger bowls can be placed on the floor with other plant groupings.