Thanking Our Troops

Gina Consoli, former Plantscape employee and daughter of our Exterior Manager Jim Consoli, is a captain in the US Air Force deployed on a primitive outpost in the Middle East.

What started as a collection to help cheer up his daughter and her unit, turned into 30 boxes of American snack food donated and packed by generous Plantscape employees to provide a taste of home to the USAF Civil Engineering Unit of 45 service people operating in the region.

Our warriors were extremely appreciative and took the time to pose for a picture when they received the shipment. They sent kind a thank you note signed by everyone and an American flag that flew on a mission.

Plantscapers were very touched that these brave men & women took the time out of their grueling schedule to express their thanks to us in this way.


Add a “Pop” of Color to Your Office

Perfect for reception desks or seating areas, color bowls make a big impact on your customers, visitors and employees.

Options feature vibrant foliage as in neon pothos, crotons or aglaonemas or choose from blooming varieties like kalanchoes, bromeliads or orchids to add a touch of nature to your office décor.

More affordable and longer lasting than floral arrangements, these color bowls can be changed out monthly or quarterly, depending on your needs and budget.

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Plant of the Month  Dracaena Dorado

A new cultivar of the Dracena Deremensis, this unique plant features dark green leaves with bright lime green edges and a compact, curly structure that makes it an attractive and hearty addition to spaces with lower light levels in the 50-150 foot candle range Great for purifying the air.

DID YOU KNOW? A foot candle is a measurement taken by a light meter used to determine the amount of light reaching an object such as a plant. Basically it is the amount of light a single candle provides to an area one square foot, one foot away from the candle.

See our Plant Selection Guide.

Exterior Plant of the Month “Little Henry”

Our professional exterior landscapers recommend
Itea Virginica. In the summer, fragrant white flowers attract butterflies. In the fall, the foliage turns a brilliant red. They are good in sun or shade, but the fall color will be more pronounced in the sun.

This plant is native to our region and is resistant to deer! Great for planting in groups or as a singular focal point, they are approximately 24"-36" high.

Training Day Out in the Field

Plantscape’s Exterior Landscape Division remains at the forefront of industry field training.  Exterior Manager Jim Consoli recently conducted classes for all crew members.

They reviewed Spring clean-up techniques, including edging, chemical application and how to prune dormant shrubs.

This hands-on experience is critical to keeping the crew safer, more efficient and better prepared for the conditions they face daily. Classroom instruction and team-building exercises are also held regularly throughout the year.

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Dormant Pruning

This very useful landscape technique (pictured left on a maple tree) allows the lower limbs to be pruned without damaging the tree. It should only be done during the dormant season (November–March) because the roots have not yet pushed up the sap, so the tree will not lose any of its valuable nutrients.

This practice is not only a safety measure, eliminating lower branches that may impede traffic areas, but also gives the tree a more desired shape. The same technique can also be used on shrubs as well.

Project Profile: Penn State LaunchBox

These colorful plants and decorative containers were featured at a recent installation in State College, PA. Penn State University has opened the Happy Valley LaunchBox…not lunch box, Launch Box! The LaunchBox is a robust, no-cost business pre-accelerator program with co-working space that transforms business concepts in to start-up companies. They hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony March 31st with dignitaries from the University and state government, including University President, Eric Barron and PA Economic and Community Development Deputy Director Sheri Collins, among many other community members, university officials and local entrepreneurs. Plantscape was honored and excited to play a colorful role in their launch!

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