This beginner’s program answers the need for basic training for interior plant technicians, installers and entry-level associates. This program comes in a 3-ring binder for easy copying, with teacher’s guidelines, handouts, quizzes, answer sheets, and line drawings for 6 classes. Combine these classes with on-the-job training for a complete program.

This program will pay for itself by reducing mistakes, replacements, accidents, frustrations and turnover among new employees.

CLASSES INCLUDE: Plant identification, customer relations and office etiquette, watering and subirrigation, pruning & grooming, insects, plant diseases, and pesiticide safety. Final Exam and diploma are included.


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The nation’s premier advnaced training program for interior landscape technicians, installers and managers. Designed to use at your own pace and schedule, this program will dramatically improve employee morale, build team spirit, increase your profits, reduce employee turnover and plant replacement costs.

It includes a binder with handouts, quizzes, answer sheets, teacher's guidelines, announcements, final exam, diploma and more. All you provide is the instructor--and students!

SET OF 10 CLASSES INCLUDE: Plant ID, pruning & grooming, watering and subirrigation systems, soils and plant nutrition, insects & diseases, pesticides and alternatives, design concepts and techniques, time management.


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This is an advanced training program that will provide your employees and students with the equivalent of a college level education in interior landscaping. New information is spaced out over the course so no one will feel overwhelmed by any one class, and it is written in simple everyday language that anyone can understand. Designed for students who have already graduated from Plantscape University and have been working as horticultural technicians for one or two years.

After taking this program, students have a better understanding of how plants "work". They are more comfortable answering client questions and have increased self-confidence and motivation.


  • Basic Botany
  • Plant Families and Nomenclature
  • Plant Propagation and Production
  • Blooming Plants
  • Soils
  • Beneficial Insects and Biological Controls
  • Plant Diseases
  • Insects
  • Pesticides
  • Garden Design and Installation


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